Elevator and Elevator Lobbies

Elevator shafts are the common conduits for the spread of fire and smoke which can enshroud the entire building in a short period. Even though elevator doors are fire rated, they do not provide a smoke seal. Fire curtains with smoke seals can be used in this scenario to contain the smoke from spreading into the lobby.

Escalators and staircases

Both escalators and staircases are breaches between floors and can be an easy means for the spread of fire and smoke throughout the building. Using NAFFCO’s fire and smoke curtain, the spread can be controlled and directed to provide easy escape for the occupants.

Corridors and Escape routes

Fire curtains and smoke curtains are easily retractable which allows for quick and effective evacuation during emergency situations. Our curtains come with various means of egress* that allow for safe evacuation once deployed in the fire scenario.

Smoke channeling

Smoke curtains are extremely ideal for channeling smoke to desired locations where smoke extraction systems can act and direct the smoke outside the premises.


Preventing the spread of fire and smoke from one zone to another is a crucial element of fire compartmentation strategy. NAFFCO’s fire and smoke curtains respectively work as a physical barrier and help contain the spread of the fire and smoke throughout the building.