AURA VISION (Repeater Panel)

AURA VISION (Repeater Panel)

Aura Vision provides a means of allowing full display and optional control of the Aura Fire Alarm Control Panel from a small and unobtrusive local control station.

Based on an all new hardware and software platform, the large, full colour graphical display with touch screen functionality delivers information on the status of the fire alarm system to single or multiple locations.

Aura Vision repeaters can be configured to offer full display and control to replicate the functionality of the fire Control Panel or to operate as a simple,
display only device for applications where access to control the fire alarm system would be inappropriate.

For other annunciation and control applications, Aura Vision can be configured to provide customisable switches and indications for a host of fire system ancillary functions.

Aura Vision may be connected to the fire Control Panels’ fault tolerant, ancillary RS485 bus or to the fire alarm panel fault tolerant network using standard, fire rated cable offering flexibility in system wiring.

Available in several standard formats, Aura Vision can be mounted directly onto a wall, be recessed using our quick-fix adaptor frame or fully flush mounted. Special enclosure finishes and colours are also available to match existing decor.


·        Robust, full colour, 7″ 800 x 480 touch screen graphical display.

·        Full indication of all information displayed at the fire Control Panel.

·        Automatic display brightness adjustment.

·        Silenceable internal sounder.

·        Connections Via:

·        Control Panel RS485 bus

·        Option to connect to Control Panel network

·        Low current, 24 Vdc powered.

·        Slim compact construction.

·        Configurable functionality.

·        Configurable languages.

·        Optional Enable key-switch