SHIELD Steel Pipes a certified UL Listed & FM Approved.

It is widely used in industrial and also domestic applications along with the complete range of fittings.

It seems like you're referring to MS Pipe Shields or Pipe Saddles, which are commonly used in piping systems to provide support and protection for pipes. These shields are made from mild steel (MS) or carbon steel and serve several purposes:

Pipe Support: MS pipe shields are used to support pipes and prevent sagging or excessive movement. We are typically attached to the structure, such as a wall or beam, and cradle the pipe securely.

Corrosion Protection: We can act as a barrier between the pipe and its surroundings, helping to protect the pipe from corrosion or damage caused by contact with other materials.

Insulation Protection: In some cases, MS pipe shields are used to protect insulation material covering the pipe, ensuring it remains in good condition.

Fire Protection: In certain applications, pipe shields can provide additional fire protection by acting as a barrier to heat and flames.

MS pipe shields come in various designs and sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters and installation requirements. Axis are an essential component in many industrial and commercial piping systems to ensure the longevity and safety of the pipes.




Seamless, ERW

British Standards


BS 1387:1985 (EN 10255) Light, Medium & Heavy

American Standards


ASTM A53 Grade A & B, ASTM A252 Grade 1, 2 & 3, ASTM A106 Grade A, B & C



Plain, Grooved, Threaded, Beveled



Firefighting, HVAC/Chilled Water



Galvanized, Black, Powder Coated