TRIGA SERIES (By Honeywell)

TRIGA SERIES (By Honeywell)

The TR-2100R (red) and TR-2100B (black) are intelligent analog/ addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP), which contains one built in signaling line circuit (SLC), which can support 159 sensors and 159 modules per loop. Additional SLC loops can be added using the model TR-6815 SLC expander to increase the overall point capacity to 2100 points per panel.

TR-2100R, TR-2100B, TR-R2100R & TR-R2100B has the interconnection capability for up to 32 panels. The system has two modes of operation, multiple panels covering one larger building, or multiple independent buildings. The TR-R2100R (red) or TR-R2100B (black) can be used in a networked system where at least one TR-2100R or TR-2100B is in the system without a display on the panel facia. The TR-R2100R & TR-R2100B is best with the same features of TR-2100R & TR-2100B.

• TR-R2100R/TR-R2100 B can be used in a networked system where at lease one TR 2100R/TR-2100B is in the system
• Network support for up to 32 Sites
• Built-in support for up to 159 detectors and 159 modules
• Four line LCD display with 40 characters per line
• Available in a red or black cabinet
• TR-2100R/TR-2100B or TR-R2100R/TR-R210B can be surface or flush mounted • Four programmable function keys
• Network card allows copper network connection with a multi-mode or single-mode fiber connection option
• Built-in dual phone line, digital alarm communicator/ transmitter (DACT), IP or optional cellular technologies
• JumpStart Auto Programming® feature for easy programming
• Renewable license on downloading software helps inhibit unauthorized programming
• Built in USB interface for programming
• Supports up to four wireless gateways. Each gateway can have up to 49 wireless devices
• Supports Class B (Style 4) and Class A (Style 6 or Style 7 configuration for SLC, and SBUS.

Overall Dimensions: 26.4”H x 16.4″W x 4.11”D
Shipping Weight: 33 lbs.
Color: Red or Black

Operating Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Humidity: 0 to 93% relative humidity (noncondensing)

TR-2100R AC: 240VAC @ 50/60Hz, 2.8A
Total Accessory Load: 9A @ 24VDC power-limited
Standby Current: 230mA
Alarm Current: 415mA
Battery Charging Capacity: 17 to 55AH
Battery Size: 18AH max. allowed in control panel
cabinet. Larger capacity batteries can be housed in
RBB accessory cabinet.
Six Conductor Wiring: Two voice bus & four SBUS

Eight circuits that can be programmed individually as:
Notification Circuits: 3A per circuit @ 24VDC, power limited
Auxiliary Power Circuits: 3A per circuit @ 24VDC, power limited.
Initiation Circuit: 100mA per circuit @ 24VDC, power-limited

NFPA 13, NFPA 15, NFPA 16, NFPA 70, & NFPA 72:
Central Station; Remote Signalling; Local Protective Signaling Systems; Auxiliary Protected Premises
Unit & Water Deluge Releasing Service
UL Listing, FM approved 

Asco T8210A107 24 VDC 3 A max 0 Hz
Asco 8210G207 24 VDC 3 A max 0 Hz


TR-2100R: High Voltage (240V) Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel. Red Cabinet
TR-2100B: High Voltage (240V) Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel. Black Cabinet
TR-R2100R: High Voltage (240V) Remote Fire Alarm Panel without built in display. Red Cabinet.
TR-R2100B: High Voltage (240V) Remote Fire Alarm Panel without built in display. Black Cabinet.


TR-RD2R, TR-RD1G, TR-RD1R, RA-100, TR-RD2G: Remote annunciators
TR-6815: Signal Line Circuit (SLC) Expander
TR-RPS1: Power Supply. Red or Black Cabinet
TR-5824: Serial/Parallel Module
TR-5880: LED I/O Module
TR-5865-3 or TR-5865-4: LED Annunciator
TR-5883: Relay Interface

TR-SCK: Seismic Compliance Kit
TR-NIC: Network Interface Card
TR-FML: Multi Mode Fiber Card
TR-FSL: Single Mode Fiber Card