Shield Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable

uses xed temperature detection technology to provide an easy method for sensing changes in temperature levels. The cable can oer alternative overheat protection in a vast range of applications and environments, from tunnels, cable trays, warehousing to sensing changes in temperature within escalators and other applications where many risks of re are hidden from view.


The digital linear hear detection cable can be directly connected to a single zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel, or, using an addressable zone/switch monitor, the digital linear heat detection cable can easily be interfaced to an addressable loop.


Digital linear heat detection cable is comprised of a pair of twisted low resistance, tri-metallic conductors, sheathed in advanced temperature sensitive polymers. When the cable reaches the required temperature the two twisted cores will fuse together, with a re triggering resistor attached to the input interface and single core of linear heat cable to activate an alarm at the main fire panel.



A UL864 10th edition approved Digital Control Module is available and provides additional benefits when used with the Digital LHD cable. It can simultaneously monitor up to two zones of LHD cable and has separate fault and alarm outputs for each zone. A built in display shows the state of each zone, including the distance in meters and feet to the alarm point if an alarm is triggered. It also includes an RS-485 Modbus RTU output for integration with a PLC or SCADA system.



  • UL 521 Approved.
  • CE Marked.
  • Up to 10,000ft (3000m) per zone.
  • Detection along the entire length of sensor cable.
  • Optional Nylon extrusion offering UV protection and increased durability for outdoor use.
  • Optional Polypropylene extrusion for increased chemical protection in caustic environments.
  • Optional stainless steel over-braiding for increased mechanical protection.



Overall insulated, twisted pair of tri-metallic cores


1kV tested protective outer coat

Additional Insulation Options

Nylon, Polypropylene or Stainless Steel braiding


CE Marked, RoHS Compliant, UL

Maximum Zone Length

3,000m (10,000ft)

Wire Overall Diameter

3.60mm to 5.08mm (0.142″ to 0.200″)

Minimum bend radius

50 mm (2″)

Ambient Temperature Range: (dependent upon action temperature)

-40°C – 125°C (-40°F – 257°F)


Max Voltage Rating

30Vac, 42Vdc


~100/km (29/kft) per leg

Velocity of Propagation



88 – 150 pF/m (26 – 45 pF/ft)


540 – 1050 nH/m (165 – 320 nH/ft)