Simplex 4098-9733 (SIMPLEX)

Simplex 4098-9733 (SIMPLEX)

Monitoring each sensor's average value provides a continuously shifting reference point. A software filtering process compensates for environmental factors, such as dust and dirt, and component aging, to provide an accurate reference for evaluating new activity. This filtering reduces the probability of false or nuisance alarms caused by shifts in sensitivity, either up or down.


Fires can be devastating in many cases, causing catastrophic loss of life and property. Nuisance alarms can be a time-wasting annoyance at best, and both costly and dangerous at worst. Simplex True Alarm sensors have the performance and versatility to deliver fast, accurate fire detection and virtually eliminate false alarms.

General Features


·       Automatic identification provides default sensitivity when substituting sensor types

·       Integral red LED for power-on, pulsing, or alarm or trouble, steady on

·       Locking anti-tamper design mounts on standard outlet box

·       Magnetically-operated functional test

·       Each device is individually monitored for failure or removal

·       Addressability allows alarms and troubles to be pinpointed to the exact sensor and location

·       All devices are UL268 7th edition listed to meet the latest standards and keep you code compliant